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Fake pregnant belly prosthetics

Industry leaders in high quality handmade foam & silicone fake pregnant bellies for...

  • TV, film & theatre costume
  • Surrogacy, adoption & private clients
  • Photography, modelling & advertising
  • Transgender, male & mpreg clients
  • Realistic & Convincing Fake Pregnant Bellies

    We are proud to have pioneered a range of ultra-realistic, high quality prosthetic fake pregnancy bellies and pregnant bump costumes for you to buy online. With these tummies you can convince audiences with confidence, take that close-up camera shot, create that wow factor, help strengthen the emotional bond with your new surrogate or adopted baby, or fulfill your personal pregnancy dreams.

  • Tailored

    The fake pregnant bellies we make are expertly handmade at our studios and can be ordered online for your size, shape and in 8 different skin tone colours - we even make prosthetic bellies for transgender and male mpreg wearers.

  • Comfortable

    We are the only producer of high quality silicone bellies secured to comfortable, breathable fabric bodysuits - no risk of the belly falling off or moving around while walking or sitting, and no uncomfortable sweat patches! Our fake bellies are safe to wear all day every day.

  • High Quality yet Affordable

    We make a selection of convincing movie-quality silicone pregnant bellies that look and feel like real skin (people will really believe you're pregnant!) made using Platinum medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone, as well as a range of cheaper, more affordable foam tummies. All the fake pregnant bellies we make are carefully designed, through years of experience, to imitate the natural shape of a real pregnant bump and feel comfortable to wear.

  • Custom-Made

    As our fake bellies are handmade on site, we also provide a bespoke service, offering made to order imitation maternity tummies, colour matched silicone bellies, custom fake belly costume alterations, commissioned prosthetic bump suits and expert advice on all your false belly needs.

  • Confidential

    Your fake bump purchase will be fully confidential and completely private - we deal with a range of clients who have various personal needs and we understand the need for utmost discretion. Our packaging is neutral and we do not disclose details of your order with third parties. We also do not provide media interviews regarding our customers or orders.

  • Fast

    We aim to dispatch our handmade fake pregnancy bellies within 1-3 working days and can take priority orders free of charge upon request. We can also arrange express shipping if required. Need your bump in a hurry? Just contact us!

  • Worldwide Expert Advice

    We ship our fake pregnancy bellies worldwide to any destination and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service - take a look at what our clients have said about us and see the case studies for evidence!

We welcome your fake belly enquiries and requests - contact us now!